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How I Accidentally Fostered A Kitten

Some people drink their emotions....some people eat their emotions....and some people (ahem) foster their emotions...

And that's how Baldy Wohldy made his way into my life!

As most of you know, I grew up with cats my entire life and my mom was one of the original "Crazy Cat Ladies", but since then, I've focused MAINLY on dogs (with about a handful of cat fosters in between).

CUT TO last week when I was feeling particularly sad and vulnerable (the state of the world is a little cray cray right now) and I was having my own relationship issues.

So I took it as a sign when I opened an email from a local woman named Elizabeth who is a big fan of Hallmark Channel and desperately needed help with a sick, abandoned kitten.

Side note: Elizabeth was my mom's name as well (so I definitely felt like she sending me a sign)

This Elizabeth said her husband found this poor, sick kitten under a pile of rubble at a construction site in 100 degree weather. Supposedly someone had heard it's cries for days but never did anything.

Thankfully her husband swooped up the little black cat and brought it home. It was infested with fleas, malnourished and balding. The families two other existing cats were trying to attack the little thing, hence her desperation to find it a safe haven ASAP.

Well...what could I do once I saw that email??? Of course I had to help!

I met the family immediately and took in the little sick kitten. Originally, I thought it was a girl and it had the name "Honey", but since learning it's a boy, I've renamed him Baldy Wohldy.

We're currently waiting for test results to discover if B-Dub has ringworm or mange...and what the treatment should be.

You know what they say..."no good deed goes unpunished!"

The good news is that little B-Dub is eating a ton, putting on some weight and will start treatment for his skin issues today! He's quarantined away from the dogs and will hopefully find his forever home once he's healthy and stable!

Please send B-Dub your best wishes and keep checking back for updates!!!

PS-A HUGE shoutout to Toby and Leave No Paws Behind for helping with his medical costs at their new clinic in West Covina. Click HERE for more info!


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