April 2022 Book Club Read

Hello everyone! So after tallying up all your responses and finishing the book, Out of the Blue (It's a nice story, but NOT uplifting), I have decided that we will read....

One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle  for April and Poppy in The Wild by Teresa J. Rhyne for May!

To Purchase One Italian Summer, click button below!

(Amazon has the hardcover available for 16 bucks right now!)

Why you may ask? 

Well...One Italian Summer is quite a different read for us and I think we may all interpret it differently, which will lead to some interesting discussions!

TRIGGER WARNING: This book does discuss cancer/death. I am sensitive to that, and while there are some tough moments, I still felt that the story was special and interesting.


Author Theresa Rhyne reminded me that April 23rd is National Lost Dog Awareness Day and her publisher will be putting the Poppy Ebook on sale that week for $2.99!!!! (Hey, I'm always down for a good deal!!!)

I hope this works for everyone and I'm continuing to search for fun new reads that are uplifting...about animals...PG rated... the animals live, etc...

It's like a puzzle!!!

Thank you all for being part of this fun group. I don't think you know how much I appreciate It and look forward to it!