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Lockdown Life-Savers For The Pet Parent In Your Life

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

I don't know about you, but being in quarantine for (however many days now) is making me assess my "essentials" a little differently!

These days I'm swapping expensive designer bags for dog poop bags and cute sandals for non-skid slippers. Anyone else?

So to help you (or a pet parent you know), I'd like to point out a few things that have really come in handy during this quarantine!

1- My Doog Walkie Belt: This belt is genius because during this time, my daily dog walks are often interrupted by work calls or emails. You know how that goes!!

As you can imagine, walking 4 dogs and trying to get work done isn't always easy, so having an extra "hand" in the form of a (cute and fashionable) fanny pack, is awesome!

I can hold the dog leashes or (for when that phone rings) attach them safely to the fanny pack AND store my lip gloss, poop bags, treats and phone! Talk about being a multi-tasker!! For more information, click here!

2-Doo Doo Tube: Ok, let's be honest. When your dogs relieve themselves and you can't find a trash can for your poop bag, what do you do? It's one of my PET PEEVES because I HATE holding on to the bag. I'd NEVER leave the poop on someone's lawn and so (sometimes) I've had to resort to using someone else's trashcan. But now that everyone is working from home, it's not as easy to do a little sneak attack on your neighbors trashcan....

So that's where the Doo Doo Tube comes in handy! It's basically a portable trash can to store your dogs business! It keeps the smell contained and your hands completely clean! Just put your dirty bags inside and toss them away when you find an appropriate trash bin!

For more info, click here!

3-Bissell Cordless Vacuum: Now that I'm home all day, every day, I notice just how dirty my floor gets. WOW! And that's WITH supposedly low-shedding dogs. thing I've discovered is that I'm CONSTANTLY vacuuming my floors. To make it easy, I bought a cordless vacuum. It's super light, easy to clean and helps keep the hair (and my anxiety) away! To see their lineup of vacuums, click here!


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