Dear Cookie: A Letter On Our Last Night Together

Dear Cookie,

The moment "Second Chance Cocker Rescue" posted your photo online with the caption that read “FOSTER NEEDED,” I was hooked!

You looked SO similar to my first rescue dog, Cookie #1, that I HAD to have you!

(Cookie #1 Pictured Below)

I reached out and was told you were extremely nervous and weren’t doing very well in boarding.

I immediately agreed to help and you arrived about a week and a half later!

(I always have a soft spot for the scared/timid dogs because I LOVE seeing them transform once they’re given the time to decompress in a foster home.)

Additionally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE black spaniels and was so excited to get my hands on you!

You arrived on a Friday morning and to my surprise, you were way bigger than I expected. In fact, I’m not so sure you have much cocker in you at all, but you were gorgeous. Matted and dirty…but gorgeous.

PS-Your name was Belinda, but we quickly changed that to your Cookie #2 =)

The day Cookie #2 arrived

The first time I tried to lift you into the bathtub, you got spooked and swung your head back to look/bite me. “Ok,” I said to myself… “I’m going to have to earn this one’s trust.”

It was a challenge I was up for and I couldn’t wait to show you how much love you deserved.

In the following days and weeks, you learned incredibly fast.

Within hours you had “sit” “stay” “down” and “wait” down to a science!

You discovered a squeaky ball and learned how to play fetch, fell in love with a shaggy donut dog bed, met a kitten (that was almost a disaster), uncovered the magical thing that happens when you lay on your back (also known as a BELLY RUB!) and learned what it means to truly become a woman (sorry about the spay surgery, but you’ll thank me later!)

Of course, there WERE a couple moments I had to be stern with you and show you the dreaded B-Word….


I know… I know… jumping on the couch, trying to bolt out the front door (which you did manage to do once) and clawing the door molding when I left you home alone was probably fun and satisfying (but I’m sure your new family will appreciate the fact that you stopped doing that.)

You’ve really come a long way little girl!