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Dear Cookie: A Letter On Our Last Night Together

Dear Cookie,

The moment "Second Chance Cocker Rescue" posted your photo online with the caption that read “FOSTER NEEDED,” I was hooked!

You looked SO similar to my first rescue dog, Cookie #1, that I HAD to have you!

(Cookie #1 Pictured Below)

I reached out and was told you were extremely nervous and weren’t doing very well in boarding.

I immediately agreed to help and you arrived about a week and a half later!

(I always have a soft spot for the scared/timid dogs because I LOVE seeing them transform once they’re given the time to decompress in a foster home.)

Additionally, I LOVE LOVE LOVE black spaniels and was so excited to get my hands on you!

You arrived on a Friday morning and to my surprise, you were way bigger than I expected. In fact, I’m not so sure you have much cocker in you at all, but you were gorgeous. Matted and dirty…but gorgeous.

PS-Your name was Belinda, but we quickly changed that to your Cookie #2 =)

The day Cookie #2 arrived

The first time I tried to lift you into the bathtub, you got spooked and swung your head back to look/bite me. “Ok,” I said to myself… “I’m going to have to earn this one’s trust.”

It was a challenge I was up for and I couldn’t wait to show you how much love you deserved.

In the following days and weeks, you learned incredibly fast.

Within hours you had “sit” “stay” “down” and “wait” down to a science!

You discovered a squeaky ball and learned how to play fetch, fell in love with a shaggy donut dog bed, met a kitten (that was almost a disaster), uncovered the magical thing that happens when you lay on your back (also known as a BELLY RUB!) and learned what it means to truly become a woman (sorry about the spay surgery, but you’ll thank me later!)

Of course, there WERE a couple moments I had to be stern with you and show you the dreaded B-Word….


I know… I know… jumping on the couch, trying to bolt out the front door (which you did manage to do once) and clawing the door molding when I left you home alone was probably fun and satisfying (but I’m sure your new family will appreciate the fact that you stopped doing that.)

You’ve really come a long way little girl!

Tonight, as I sit with you knowing that you’re going to meet your forever family tomorrow, I’m sad. I’m sad that I’ll have to say goodbye to you. I’m sad that I won’t see your excited little wiggle butt when I come through the door. I’m sad I won’t hear your cute little howl when you’re ready to go for a walk. And I’m sad that I won’t get to throw any more squeeky balls…

(because let’s be honest…my three little rescue dogs are useless when it comes to playing fetch!)

All that said, I’m so grateful to have met you. You were here with me this past month when I was really struggling and just wanted to curl up in bed. Of course I couldn’t because you needed SOOO much darn exercise and I knew you’d be clawing up the rest of door molding if I didn’t get my butt out of bed! You’ve been nothing but kind, loving, sweet and silly. I’ve loved watching you evolve into the independent beauty you’ve become and I’m honored you let me be your foster mommy.

Your new family is amazing and they also have another rescue dog who you’re going to love. He’s playful, fun and can’t wait to meet you!

And if for ANY reason things don’t work out…I’ll be here with arms wide open to take you in again.

I love you and can’t wait to see updated photos and videos of your adventures to come!

Cookie's new family!


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