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Ace & Kongsgiving in PA

Please meet an amazing dog for adoption in Pennsylvania who goes by the name Ace.

He's located at "Orphans of the Storm" rescue and is a beautiful Setter/Spaniel mix.

I was introduced to this rescue by a wonderful rescuer named Cassandra Knepshield, who runs a group called "The Sunshine Dogs."

Why is Cassandra and her group so amazing???

Because they created KONGSGIVING! A wonderful way to give back to homeless animals in their community.

For the past 3 years, The Sunshine Dogs have raised money to stuff Kong Toys with dog friendly Thanksgiving meals. The Kongs are stuffed, frozen and then distributed to help remind the lonely pups that someone is thinking of them and working hard to find them homes!

As the years have flown, the deliveries have grown and they're now even expanding to the Christmas Holidays as well!

For more information and to donate to the cause, please click HERE!


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