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"FURiends on the Frontline" Video Series

During Covid-19, I wanted to highlight some of the extraordinary ways people are making a difference for animals in need! Please watch below and get ready to be inspired!

Larissa & Shira Scott Astroff

Larissa & Scott Poore

Larissa & Kacey Montoya

Larissa & Cathy Bissell

So You Still Want To Foster? 4.8.20

Good morning everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy!


Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to help foster during these challenging times. It makes such a difference for the rescue organizations AND the animals!

That said, I've received many emails from people who want to foster and haven't heard back from rescue or shelter organizations yet. I completely understand how frustrating that is, which is why I wanted to write this quick post! 

Here are a couple things to remember:


1-Most shelters and rescues are working with a skeleton crew right now

2-Most shelters and rescues are so busy tending to the animals in their care, they don't have adequate time to get through all their emails

3- Most shelters and rescues have received SO many amazing applications during this time and are a little overwhelmed (in the BEST way possible)

4- MOST IMPORTANT: The need for fosters is not going to end! We are going to see MANY more animals being surrendered in the weeks and months to come due to Covid-19. PLEASE remember that even if shelters and rescues have enough foster homes NOW, they are going to be desperate in the coming months when life gets back to "normal." Please let them know if you can be of service in future months as well as right now!


Veterinarian Dr. Courtney Campbell discusses Covid-19 & Pets

Veterinarian Dr. Nina Nardi discusses Covid-19 and pets

COVID-19 & PETS 3.27.20

1-Shelters and rescue groups around the country are working by appointment only, but they are still OPEN and need your help.


2-Short term fostering and adopting are both great things you can do to help animals in need right not BUT please be upfront about what type of time commitment you can make. The fear is that when work starts up again, everyone who is fostering will all of a sudden dump the animals back at the shelters/rescues. If you make your time commitment known NOW, they can plan for how many returns they're going to be looking at.


3- If you do ADOPT right now, please know that you are making a lifetime commitment and you shouldn't look at it as a pet you'll have UNTIL work starts and becomes inconvenient


4-Shelters and rescues are seeing a steep decline in donations from private parties as well as their ongoing monthly donors. Many people aren't making money right now, so they aren't donating as freely. If you can, please see what your local shelter or rescue needs (monetarily or supply wise). Most have their "wish lists" on their website or even on Amazon, so you can donate through the mail (no contact necessary!)


5-Please do NOT abandon your pets right now. They can help bring you love and companionship and do way more good than harm during this crises. According to WHO, domestic pets have shown NO EVIDENCE of being able to transmit Covid-19 to humans and vice versa. That said, wash your hands after playing with pets and don't allow others to play with your animals right now. If you foster, wash the animal when you get it home, just to make sure it doesn't have any germs on its fur. Also-don't share leashes right now. Bring your own!


6- Check on your elderly neighbors (from a distance) and see if they need any help with their pets. Utilize neighborhood groups on NextDoor or Facebook to ask around and see if you can offer anything to anyone in need. 


7-Remember that when work starts up again, it's going to be a transition period for your animals. They are used to having you around 24/7 and will need to get used to you being gone. Start working with them now to ensure they don't go crazy when you leave!


What is Fostering:

Fostering is vital for animal rescue. It's the act of taking a dog/cat from a shelter or rescue organization and temporarily giving it a home. Shelters and rescue organizations work differently when it comes to HOW they foster, their fostering requirements, etc...

Most have foster applications on their website that you can fill out!


Why is fostering so important?:

1-It helps clear space out of overcrowded shelters around the country, so they can take in MORE animals (because there's ALWAYS MORE--unfortunately)


2-It allows an animal to decompress and be in a home setting. Shelters are noisy, scary, stressful and germ riddled, so taking an animal out of there and into a quiet, warm home, allows them to relax, get healthy and learn how to be someone's best friend.


3-Future adopters don't like guessing games so if an animal has been in a foster home and there's some knowledge as to how that dog got along with other humans, kids, animals, potty habits, makes them WAYYY more desirable for future adopters.


4-Many rescue organizations (not shelters) are solely foster based. This means they don't have a brick and mortar facility to house animals. So unless they have foster homes, they physically can't bring more animals to safety.


Why is fostering so important RIGHT NOW?:


1-Shelters around the country are closing their doors or working by limited appointments. That means that all the amazing animals in their care CAN'T be adopted or seen by the public. That, combined with the fact that animals are still being surrendered to shelters, leads to a math problem.  Lots of animals coming and none leaving = euthanasia.


2- Even if euthanasia doesn't take place, animals (like humans) will go stir crazy sitting in a kennel for too long. Their immune system breaks down, they lose hope, they get sick and then they'll be euthanized because they're ill... it's a horrible CATCH 22. So getting the OUT of their kennel and into a home can keep them healthy and happy and give them the second chance they need.


3-Animals suffer when humans are faced with human based challenges. So right now, if someone is worried about getting sick, paying bills, taking care of their loved ones, etc... the animals are going to be their last concern. That means, they will surrender their animals to shelters thinking that it's the "safest" place for them. Obviously it's not, and that's what we're trying to help educate people on.



Why is fostering amazing?:


1-You witness an animal evolve! It's such a satisfying feeling to be part of an animals transformation. Oftentimes, these babies are scared, nervous, unsure of life, etc...

Watching them realize they're safe and can trust you is amazing. You really get to see them come out of their shell and become the dog/cat they were meant to be!


2-You're saving a life---ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW


3-You can't ask for a better quarantine buddy! My 3 rescue babies are the only things keeping me sane right now! They make me laugh, give me love, require my attention, need exercise, etc... Having that type of LIVING energy around you is so important right now!!!



Important Additional Notes:


1-The World Health Organizations ays there's no evidence that domestic animals (dogs/cats) and humans can spread Covid-19 to each other. There are various strains of Coronavirus that animals have gotten for years, but they are NOT the same and can't be contracted the same way. PLEASE DO NOT ABANDON YOUR PETS OUT OF FEAR RIGHT NOW.



2- The dogs that are making headlines as having coronavirus have NOT actually tested positive for COVID-19. That's according to my research! The one death was in a 17-year old Pomeranian and there's no evidence that it died from coronavirus. 

**Always use common sense and wash your hands when dealing with animals and don't hold other people's leashes right now and talk to your vet if you have concerns**

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